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Generally speaking...

After years and years and years of getting into stupid arguments with people every time I opened my mouth because people who have nothing valuable of their own to contribute will happily tear down anyone else who so much as tries, I finally got to the point where I use social media more as a loudspeaker than as a conversation. In a couple places, I still try to have the conversations, but I'm skittish and quick to back out without prior warning. So if you've been wondering why talking with me doesn't get much of anywhere, that's why. It probably isn't you specifically. Though even if it is, I'm not likely to tell you. I'm tired, okay?

*tok* *tok* Dana? You there?

Facebook is still [grumble] the social-media platform I use the most. So if I've gone quiet on Facebook for more than a day, assume I got suspended or something's happened to me in meatspace. Look at the main page for my contact info and go from there. If we have ever direct-messaged one another on Facebook, also, we should be able to do it while I'm suspended and it should go directly into your normal inbox. I hate to think you waded into the morass of trolling and fuckery that is the Other Messages box so if you don't see anything in the normal inbox, feel free to reach out elsewhere. My Gmail is often a good bet (go here to get that address).

The same rules do not apply to those other social media platforms because quite simply, I don't post as often on those so they're not a good metric of whether I'm still around. (That goes a hundredfold for Classmates and LinkedIn. I don't know why I still have accounts on those sites.) But if you ever have reason to wonder, just email me.

Why do you talk shit on social media? I don't like it.

I don't care.

If you're my employer, you shouldn't even be here. Keep business and personal life separate, remember? That applies to you too.

If you know me in meatspace, I seem to be a magnet for people who think everything I say is either boring or awful. I was ready to believe you and beat myself up over it, and then I would look back at some "offensive" thing I'd written several months or several years after the fact and think, Okay, not Pulitzer-level writing -- but why did this touch off a firestorm, again? Enough of that and I stopped believing my critics. You all suck. I trusted you and it turned out you just wanted to emotionally abuse me. Go chase a parked car and leave me alone.

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Last updated: 28 September 2023

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