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Oh, hey! This is different.

So, in Fall 2021 I turned my life upside-down. It didn't feel like I had completely made my own decision, more like I was taking the steering wheel of a car on the knife edge of spinning out of control and was wrestling it back onto the road -- but the point is, I guess, that I did grab the wheel. I suppose that counts for something.

The upshot of this sudden change is that I now live in one of the areas of the United States in which consistent internet access is not a given. Even cell phone access is unreliable. Odd, in the richest country on Earth, but here we are.

This happened at around the same time I was taking tentative steps to redo this website. So I find that my usual approach to maintaining sites -- organizing the layout and content with WordPress -- tries my patience in this particular case. I don't want to write the entire site on my phone, even though I could. It is still far easier for me to type with all ten fingers than with two thumbs. Especially as lately I'm getting nagging symptoms of inflammation or arthritis or some stupid thing in my right thumb where it meets my hand. And I'm right-handed.


Blogging is really not the point on this site, anyway, and if I don't need the blogging function then there's no need for the big clunky piece of WordPress software complicating everything... for instance, forcing me to design and write the site online.


But! I still know how to write HTML, and I can muddle along in CSS. Notepad is still a standard feature in Windows. And so what's wrong with a bit of hand-coding?

The best part is, there's nothing to hack. This is all static. No software "engines" running it. It can sit here for decades if need be, boring everyone who finds it.

Have fun, y'all.

Last updated: 07 November 2021