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This is more for people I already know who may not have my real-life contact info. It's still not my real real contact info, but it'll get you in touch with me, one way or another.



Either first name AT last name DOT net, or firstnamelastname AT gmail DOT com. Figure it out.

Postal mail

P.O. Box 220
Iota, LA 70543

My advice: (1) Send a postcard; (2) Include your contact info if you want a reply. I will most likely ignore anything but that if I don't know (or can't prove) who you are. I still make no promises about my incidence or speed of reply. I'm pretty terrible at snail-mail correspondence.


1 (614) 233-1771

Google Voice number. It will take voice calls, voicemail, and text messages. I recommend texting, as it is your best shot, particularly if you make the first three to five words of the message compelling.

And finally...

Always follow Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick.

Last updated: 15 November 2021