Dana Seilhan

[this is my homepage. there are many like it, but this one is mine.]


[fake Cajun accent] How y'all are! This is my homepage. You know, the thing all us old fogies had before they invented Linktree. If it's here, it's mine. If you see it and it's not here, ask me (see below).



Email: firstnamelastname [at] gmail [dot] com OR firstname [at] lastname [dot] net

If you don't understand either of those, I don't want you emailing me anyway.

Phone: If you know my number, text me. I have bad luck with voicemail functionality.

If you don't know my number, email me at the above Gmail address and it will alert my phone. I have a Google Voice number but I can't seem to put phone numbers on this page without something in the server adding weird characters to them.

Sometimes I block phone numbers. If you never hear back, take the hint.

Postal mail: [pending]

Social media:

How I do social media.

deviantART (personal)
Facebook (for "friending")
Facebook (for "liking")
Instagram (personal)
Paper Moon Café (Discord chat room)

If it's not in that list, either it's not me or I forgot about it. Email me to ask which it is.

things I do

I alternate between journaling my life and complaining about it here.

I make things and bang them up here.

Other stuff: A Fan of Ice and Fire, Albaphile, Big Man Chronicles (yep, that's me), Bistitchuality, Gynepedia. None of that is necessarily very far along except the big man's website. But it's stuff I can play with.

Last updated: 06 December 2023

[Hand-coded in Notepad]